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Ikenie Kori's LJ Icons

19 June
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This is my icon journal, which is pretty much self-explanatory for thsoe of you who are very LJ-oriented. But, for those of you new to LJ, here's a brief explanation of my icon journal's purpose:

When you post in your journal, there is an option to use a customized 100x100 pixel icon as a sort of ID card, or a way of expressing your current mood or your favorite movie or game. An LJ icon can be pretty much anything.

This journal is where I put all the icons I make for LJ. If you feel the need to use any of these icons, feel free to take any you want. :) You don't even have to credit me in the keywords, but any gestures of thanks are much appreciated.

If you like my icons, there's a lot more and BETTER at my community, squaresoft_icon, and my icon website, Kori's LJ Icons.

At any rate, thanks for stopping by. :) Feel free to add me (kori_thegreat) or this icon journal to your friends list too.

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